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Fixing a cheap acoustic guitar

Access Rock's Gear of The Month!

TC Electronic Polytune Chromatic Pedal Tuner

TC Electronic Polytune Chromatic Pedal Tuner

Polytune is a chromatic pedal from TC Electronic that uses patented polychromatic tuning technology to show guitar and bass players an innovative way to tune their instruments. With polychromatic tuning, strum your guitar or bass and the display shows the tuning simultaneously for all strings so you can easily find and fix the culprit. With the addition of strobe and needle modes, players will enjoy extremely accurate tuning as well as a true bypass circuit with this state-of-the-art chromatic tuner.



Fixing a cheap acoustic guitar

Q:I have a 1973 El Degas Hummingbird copy and the bridge is starting to lift off of the body. Since I paid $100 for it, is it worth the price to have it fixed ?


Worth means something different to everyone. An average price for that repair by a reputable shop will charge anywhere from $150.00-300.00 So to answer your question from a currency stand point the repair out weighs the value. But what is the cost of a comparable guitar? Instruments to some are family heirlooms, have some kind of history or sentimental attachment. A dollar value can not be put on that. Do some investigation and find out what a new instrument of similar quality would cost and hopefully you find what will serve you best.

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Access Rock is a completely unique, interactive, rock guitar site for players of every skill level. You will not learn just guitar riffs and licks, but the techniques and concepts needed to become a great guitar player. All elements of rock guitar playing are covered - Strumming, Soloing, Theory, Guitar Tone, Effect Pedals, Alternate Tunings and much more.

Play guitar riffs with more feel and attitude, create your own guitar riffs, and learn to improvise exciting solos!

Most lessons include:

  • TAB
  • Real Audio Clips
  • Backing Tracks for practicing
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